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Custodial Solutions


Electronic Security Solutions for the Custodial Environment
Tasicca is a market leading, intuitive and fully interfaced electronic security solution which is designed and created specifically for the custodial environment and with the end user in mind.

Tasicca comprises of several modules including, CCTV, Cell Call, Door Access, intercoms, Affray, and Digital and Audio Recording. All these systems connect to one another flawlessly to create a unified and seamlessly interfaced solution. We only ever create products that are simple to operate, but provide an exceptionally functional user interface, designed to allow operators to perform their job with minimum complications and maximum efficiency.

Since 2007 Tasicca has been installed in numerous Custody Suites throughout the UK, after realising that not only could we offer a complete security solution from concept to completion, but we could provide an efficient, easier to use, robust package, whilst offering the customer economic benefits.

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Our fully interfaced electronic security solution includes:


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