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Network Solutions

At Tremorfa, we have extensive and practical experience with installing, terminating and testing optic cabling. This includes single and multi mode systems as well as CAT5e and CAT6 network, and CW1308 telephone cabling. We are able to bring both commercial and environmental benefits to our clients through our extensive networking capabilities. We cut down costs, improve efficiency and simplify technical systems, adding value to a business’ building assets.

We offer a complete supply and installation service from an office desk, to a completed communications room, packed with cabinets and network switches.

We have well-established partnerships with a range of ICT providers as a complement to our own services and we have invested substantially in the technical and project management training of our people.

Our range of network solutions services include:

Fibre cable installation including internal cable laying and external cable pulling

Fibre cable auditing and repair

OTDR (optical  time domain reflectometer) testing

Fibre cable termination including direct and splice termination

Supply & installation of telephone switches

Fibre cable testing with ILM (Light Source/Power Meter)

Fibre cable jointing including cable preparation and fibre splicing

Supply & configuration of network switches

Specialist Services

Tremorfa has direct experience in networking for commercial networks, data centres, utility environments, CCTV systems, Fire Safety systems, BMS systems, and long haul networks for voice, data, video or television.

Wireless Solutions

We have the availability to cater for all of your company’s telecommunication needs from the cabling and switches right through to the provision of telephones. We also have the capability to supply and set up all of your wireless communication requirements.

Civil Works

We can also supply all your Civil works. This would include all external ducting cableways, draw pits, access chambers, and all associated ground-works in green areas, footways and carriageways.